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Make: Salt Brine System

Model: SB1400-SSEC

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0 Salt Brine System SB1400-SSEC
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 "QUICK CLEAN" SALT BRINE SYSTEM.   The innovative SB 1400-SSEC Brine Making System is not just another brine maker.  We know how to make brine.  We're just taking it to the next level.  Clean-out is an issue with all brine makers.  Durability is the other.  Both problems solved....

When "clean-out" time arrives, simplicity & speed are very important issues.  With the SB1400-SSEC system, only the removal of one 2" quick coupler is required before removing hopper!

The SB 1400-SSEC is the answer!  Quick dumping system means no more painful hours of shoveling salt hopper residue!  100% stainless steel construction will keep the tank, hopper & frame components rust & corrosion at a minimum for decades!


Please contact Desiree Caron(Parts Manager) at 203-267-6845 for additional information.  You can also email her at :




Please call Desiree Caron (Part Manager) at 203-267-6845 for additional information. 

Make:Salt Brine System
Price:Please Call

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