Hvidtved Larsen(JHL) RECycler 315

RECycler 315 (Combo/Vac/Jetter/Recycling truck)

If you are interested in a combination truck that can:

1) Significantly reduce the amount of water used during sewer cleaning operations
2) Reduce fuel usage (the truck is not running for water and does not have a pony motor; everything runs off the main engine)
3) Reduce disposal fees (the truck gets the sewer debris significantly drier than a typical combo unit and thus reduces the amount of water that is disposed of at the transfer station)
4) Significantly increase daily production (by not having to run for water, you are able to clean significantly more pipe during an eight hour shift. The truck can run even longer on that same tank of water if need be)
5) Reduce physical workload on your operators (the truck is much less physically demanding to operate than a typical combination truck, which should lead to less injuries)
6) Run quiet (the truck operates at around 82db and is much quieter than a typical combination truck, so it can be used in residential areas without causing significant issues with the residents)
7) Operate in extreme cold weather (the truck is capable of operating at temperatures less than 0 degrees F)
8) Eliminate the need for hose ramps (which are unsightly and potential dangerous to pedestrians)
9) Eliminate the need for police or other municipal employees from having to supervise your use of fire hydrants, which more and more cities are requiring (we only need one load of water per day)


Miles n/a
Transmission Automatic
Body ,


Make Hvidtved Larsen(JHL)
Model RECycler 315
Transmission Type Automatic