Swenson Stainless Steel Spreader

Swenson Stainless Steel Spreader. 9FT

  • Swenson Stainless Steel Spreader

    $0 Call for Pricing

    Swenson Stainless Steel Spreader. 9FT

  • Hvidtved Larsen(JHL) RECycler 315

    RECycler 315 (Combo/Vac/Jetter/Recycling truck)

    If you are interested in a combination truck that can:

    1) Significantly reduce the amount of water used during sewer cleaning operations
    2) Reduce fuel usage (the truck is not running for water and does not have a pony motor; everything runs off the main engine)
    3) Reduce disposal fees (the truck gets the sewer debris significantly drier than a typical combo unit and thus reduces the amount of water that is disposed of at the transfer station)
    4) Significantly increase daily production (by not having to run for water, you are able to clean significantly more pipe during an eight hour shift. The truck can run even longer on that same tank of water if need be)
    5) Reduce physical workload on your operators (the truck is much less physically demanding to operate than a typical combination truck, which should lead to less injuries)
    6) Run quiet (the truck operates at around 82db and is much quieter than a typical combination truck, so it can be used in residential areas without causing significant issues with the residents)
    7) Operate in extreme cold weather (the truck is capable of operating at temperatures less than 0 degrees F)
    8) Eliminate the need for hose ramps (which are unsightly and potential dangerous to pedestrians)
    9) Eliminate the need for police or other municipal employees from having to supervise your use of fire hydrants, which more and more cities are requiring (we only need one load of water per day)

  • Highway Sander Super P8

    $3,800 OBO

    Super P8 Highway Sander. 3 yard with liquid tanks, serial#120197

  • Buyers SaltDogg

    Tri-State Equipment Rebuilding, Inc is proud to be a distributor for the New ” MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC SPREADER” ( a SaltDogg product) by Buyers. the following information are the special featurers of that product:

    • 6 cu. yd.
    • Includes 10′ Electric, V-box Spreader
    • 304 Stainless Steel Hopper
    • Material spread up to 40′
    • Adjustable feedgate
    • 24″ wide conveyor chain with 1/4″ bars
    • (2) Independent 12V Electric gear motors
    • Hinged top screens
    • Adjustable, inverted V shape
    • Quick release hinged chute
    • 20″ Poly spinner disc (SS available)



    1490757SSE | 10′, 6 cu. yd Municipal Electric Spreader | 903 | 350 lbs


    1490957SSE | 12′, 8 cu. yd Municipal Electric Spreader | 903 | 350 lbs

  • Buyers SaltDogg Anti-Ice Systems

    New “ANTI-ICE SYSTEMS” by Buyers

    Tri-State Equipment Rebuilding, Inc is proud to be a distributor for the New “ANTI-ICE SYSTEM” (a SaltDogg product) by Buyers. The following information are the special features of that product:

    • Available in 1050 or 1650 gallon polyethelene tanks for single and tandem axle applications
    • High-Density, UV stabilizing, polyethylene tank with 16″ manway
    • Adjustable spray nozzles to accommodate various flow rates
    • Manifold type fittings provide simple, leak-free connections
    • 230 GPM pump, with stainless steel liner
    • 3-lane stainless steel spray bar with individual, solenoid operated, lane control
    • Hydraulic drive
    • Can be configured for chassis mount, trailer mount, hook lift or dump stands
    • GPS, proportional ground speed controller optional
    • Optional powder coated or galvanized leg stands with front and side rollers, gas engine drive, dump tailgate latch
  • Buyers Municipal Dump Spreader

    Municipal Dump Spreader (MDS Series):
    * Combines dump body and conveyor spreader for year-round function
    * 7 gauge 304-SS body & 1/4″ long sills

    * Available in 9′-15′ lengths

    * Unique, roll-formed sides and cross membersless floor design

    * Removable SS conveyor coverplate for multi-season usage

    * Adjustable flow-gate

    * Patent-pending twin-cylinder tailgate latch

    * Industry-unique “hex flow” spinner disc assembly for balanced spread pattern

    * Removable 24″ stainless spinner disc assembly

    * Custom options available: cab shield, ladder, top screens, electric tarp, under chain floor pan, pre-wet, anti-ice, central hydraulics, etc.




    933093648 9′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933103648 10′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933113648 11′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933123648 12′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933133648 13′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933143648 14′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903

    933153648 15′ Municipal Dump Spreader 903



  • Star Fire Brush Style Drag Shoe

    $0 Please Call

    Brush Style Drag Shoes. Custom made for your Star Fire with quality that last!

  • Broom Bear Brush Style Drag Shoe


    Brush Style Drag Shoes.  Custom made for your Broom Bear Sweeper with Quality that last!

  • In-Bed Liquid Spray Systems

    $0 Please Call


    • 2″ hitch mounted liquid spray system
    • 12 VDC, 28 amps max, rear quick connect harness
    • In-Cab on/off control, standard
    • 6 GPM diaphragm pump dispenses up to 42 gal. per lane mile.
    • Stainless steel pump cover w/LED license plate light
    • Lightweight, poly reservoir rolls up for bulkhead storage
    • Lightweight and better visibility than fixed tank systems.
    • 73 PVC spray bar w/quick service nozzles

    PART NO.      DESCRIPTION               

    6196335          For 6′ Bed, 335 gal.

    6198335          For 8′ Bed 335 gal.

    6190000          System w/o Reservoir

    6191000          Hose reel w/adj. spray nozzle


  • 1997 Elgin Pelican

    $0 Please Call

    Automatic Transmission, Diesel,

    • 2,473 Hours,
    • Hyd. Brakes,
    • 11R22.5 14PR Tires,
    • Hyd. Dump,
    • Water Sys.,
    • Gutter Broom,
    • AC & Heat,
    • AM/FM/Cass & more.